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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Ion-AnyWater® Filter


Ion-AnyWater® Filter

Now Enjoy Clean, Purified Water Any Where

Makes a Great Addition if You already own the IonPod® from Healthy Habits!   NOW AVAILABLE!

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Ion-AnyWater Filter


Ion Shield

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 The New Healthy Habits Ion Stream

Learn Why I am excited to represent this new water filter!

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Enjoy clean, pure, ionized, anti-oxidant, alkaline mineral water anytime, anywhere! The Ion-AnyWater is designed to improve the quality of your tap water. It allows you to drink fresh water from just about any source. The Ion-AnyWater holds approximately 20 oz (600 ml) and works its magic to transform your drinking water in less than 5 minutes.

Unlike the IonPod, the Ion-AnyWater is a filter that you can use to make as much water as you have containers to hold it. Like the IonPod, it will transform your water to an alkaline, high pH, low ORP, fresh, clean, ionized, mineralized state without the need for electricity.


Improves freshness and taste.

Reduces contaminants.

Reduces chlorine.

Reduces bacteria.

Provides balanced essential minerals.

Provides anti-oxidant (low ORP).

Provides alkaline pH.

Provides far-infrared energy (FIR)

Detach the filter and place at opening of large container to make as much ionized water as desired.

Depending upon water source and quality, the Ion-AnyWater® will provide immediate alkaline water up to a pH of 10.5 and an anti-oxidant status (low ORP) as low as -250.


Store the water in your IonPod® or in a closed, dark environment to preserve the low ORP.

You can make as much water as you desire. If water filtration slows, you can restore filtration speed by removing the filter and shaking it. Consider replacing the filter every 90 days or when the high pH or low ORP performance fails.

Silver-Activated Carbon

Activated micro-pore carbon is an effective water filtration media to remove chlorine and other contaminants. Silver activated

carbon to helps suppress bacteria growth.

Silver-Activated Coral Sand

A proprietary 40 mineral blend, including silver-plated coral sand to suppress bacteria. Proprietary-processed activated

coral sand alkalizes water pH and improves taste.

Silica Sand

Additional contaminant reduction and filtration.

Bio-Mineral Sand

A proprietary mixture of geolite, somelite, coral sand, silica sand and more imparts negative ions, maximizes the antioxidant

water status (low ORP), reduces water molecule size and supplies useful minerals.

Magnetized Minerals

Specific magnetized minerals are included to add electromagnetic energy to the Ion-AnyWaterbenefits.

Bio Ceramic Balls

Ceramic minerals are used to keep the water fresh, provide better flavor and provide far-infrared energy (FIR) to the




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