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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Introducing the New IonShield®

Introducing the New IonShield®

I am Impressed! Convenient and I can tell I am drinking greatly improved water!! Same Concept as the IonPod but easier to use!! Order two or three to start with- supply each family member with one or two!  

(for a picture and pricing please see the following link – scroll down to IonShield® also click on Resources to learn more

I am excited to bring this new water tool for hydration and health! If we can simply drop in a ‘Stick” into our drinking water bottle and enhance the waters properties, why not? I have taken off my site the Hydrogen Stick in favor of the Ion-Shield! See the many benefits below! Scroll down to order!

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Improves acid/alkaline balance which is key to greater health!!


• Provides negative ions


• Increases hydration


• Reduces molecular cluster size for better absorption


• Generates negative ORP - antioxidant water


• Provides natural far-infrared ionization


• Supplies active hydrogen ions


• Increases pH


• Contains silver and anti-bacterial ceramic


• Uses only non-toxic materials


• Converts water in just a few minutes


• Easy cleaning


• Tourmaline – helps reduce surface tension, provides FIR, ionization


• Zeolite – absorbs and retains heavy metals and toxins


• Maifanshi – absorbs toxins and supplies trace minerals


• Silver – antibacterial, antifungal, anti-viral and more


• Additional minerals clean, mineralize and ionize the water


• Should be replaced in 6-12 months depending upon use


Give this new inexpensive tool a chance to improve the drinking water that you normally use each day!


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